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DJInn Collective - The Awakening

Spring! DJ MaupiB & Rafa'L jumping back at the decks for some spring music! Rise, feel the Sunlight, Welcome the New Warmth, tune up to the Happy Beat and enjoy the Sweet Vibrations.

After Winter Must Come Spring, that's for sure. Can you feel it already?

Feel the Bass in the Awakening, it will make you...

... Rise! Put your headset on and take an umbrella cause...

... Too much rainy days, rainy days, gotta get away to be Walking Into Sunshine

Keep searching for the Sunlight as your heart begins to sing.

The sun comes along and brings pretty weather. I don't know about you but I know I like it better, if you Give me the Sunshine

We Welcome New Warmth

In Fertile Ground nature comes alive,

See all those Flowers Pretty

and there it is, once again the Return of the Mack/Mag

Tune up to the Happy Beat, up on your happy feet.

And if you feel a little restless, you ought to come with us, cause we're going where the fun is, Happiness is just around the Bend

We're livin it up. A little fun never hurt anyone, Charge me Up. Jump start like a battery?

Alright, can do, I Feel Alive, here you go, and now go on ...

... Running up that Hill. Run Team dRaMa and Team LoPe, Run, March 17 Heuvelland Marathon!

You know I Believe In Miracles, but more so I believe in you!

That's What Friends Are For

Now enjoy the Sweet Vibrations

Let love vibrations lead us alright, Let Love Flow On

Alora, feel, give, believe, heal, see, live and lighten up, Che Strano Amore

Coming back to live, that's the Promise of Spring.

So what about A Chance for Peace? We have to keep on trying to give peace a chance, open up your heart and let love shine.


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