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DJInn Collective - Here we go again

DJ MaupiB & Rafa'L back at the decks, Doing Our Own Dang. With al little help from Grandmaster Swell and MC Pelle Pel, with a shout out to Chauncy Claylord Beauregard III. Catch Up with something old, something new. Remember that Westchester Lady or those Dear Limmertz. And Georgy Porgy is back!

Here We Go Again, part 5, No applause no applause, thank you thank you,

Can you hear her already, that Westchester Lady?

Yeah, that Lovejunky is Riding High

To meet Uncle Joe and do a little Catch Up

and to break free from the Freedom Chain,

Because You Have Got To Have Freedom

The Times are Changing (Badala Zamana), habibi's.

So use your Bom Senso

and tune in to Takahashi Timing. You think Japanese? No Yin Yin is from Maastricht.

All those Foreign Language, exhausting, let Flight Facilities take you to

Dream State, sit back, relax and

Lights Out!

Maupi B & Rafa'L Doin' Our Own Dang, bassline so dope that you just might choke

Bassline? Yes, Georgy Porgy is back! Mon ami.

Here's to you, another bassline, Dear Limmertz

And again, in the Africa Edit.

Love these African Rhythms, celebrating our Oneness!

Jungle Fever is now creeping underneath our skin.

But Ooh when I see the sun rising and enjoy a good breakfast, it is all Worth it.

Dear friends, As we get a little older, we realize life is a perspective. And my perspective may differ from yours, but let's keep celebrating our Oneness. Know that you all are in The Heart (part 5) and just like Marvin I want you

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