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DJInn Collective - Carnival

Carnival is coming up! Let DJ Maupi B & Rafa'L featuring Wheel-E take you on a Carnival journey around the world, to feel the vibes and get in the mood.

Starting of in Treme New Orleans where the Indians are coming. (Watch Treme on HBO after listening to this playlist!)

Let Marie La-Voodoo-Veau put a spell on you.

All around the world it's all about Brass and funkin it up during Carnival: Rebirth.

Heading to New York where Kokolo fuses punk with Afro Beat in the Magnificent Seven.

Another Classic: King Kong, not only @Djinn Maastricht in the old days.

Africa! And Africadelic: Manu Dibango inspired many around the world and became UNESCO Artist for Peace.

He inspired Kool and the Gang for their Jungle Boogie

Up north the Atlantic to Stockport Carnival, Greater Manchester, where Mr. Scruff mixes Afro Beat, Samba and Latin conga.

Fast forward to Cuba, for Djingo from the Latin conga master Candido.

Conga? Yes, her she is: Gloria Estefan!

And Emilfranzo putting some new beats in this conga classic.

Yeah partypeople, that's Cuba for you.

Cinco de Mayo, a latino holiday standard and a standard in our Carnivals with Wheel-E: we drank a litte wine, we had a good time and we partied all night long.

Some Heavy Breaks, Funk Supreme.

Too heavy? Need Sugar? Here you go: Chaka, so sweet.

Keep on with the force of Michael, don't stop!

Ohohohooo Oriental flavours fused in the Carnival, expert timing.

Now the feeling is right and I get Night Fever, yeah they knew how to do it @TakeFive Carnival Temple Maastricht. Please re-open!

Stayin on Night Fever track, Stayin Alive.

A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork, thats the way we spell ... Carnival.

Man, all I wanna do is dance.

Let's get down to Rio! Samba di Sergio Mendes.

Samba di Junior Jack.

Samba de Janeiro and in the Mega Mix!

And with Mais que Nada we finish our Carival Tour. Hope you enjoyed and feel like dressing up, it's February 11 real soon!

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